September 29th - November 4th 2017 - 'Cut it off at the trunk'. Solo Show. Rowing, London

July 6th- August 7th 2017 - 'Viewing Copy'. Group Show. Eoghan Ryan, Vivienne Dick, Maeve Connolly and The Radical Film Archive, Catalyst Arts. Belfast

August 17th 2017 - The Modern Dance (In the light of today's Questions). Performance. Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland

April 13 — August 27 2017 - As Above, So Below -Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics. Grouo Show. Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin, Ireland

Feb 25th 2017 - 'As We May Think'. Screening organised by Alice Butler, IFI Cinema, Dublin, Ireland.

September 2016 -The Museum as Performance. Future Friendships II. Serralves Museum for Contemporary Art. Porto. Performance in collaboration with Jassem Hindi

Aug 2016 – Knife Block. Performance. Kem Project Space. Warsaw, Poland

April/October 2016 - Outpost Open Film 2016, Screenings selected by Ed Atkins.

April 2016 - Behind sedentary. Solo show. Rowing Projects, London.

March 2016 - And No Animal Is Without Enemy. Performance organised by Megan Nolan. Cubitt, London.

March 2016 - CITIZEN Chisenhale Dance. Performance curated by Taylor La Melle

December 2015 - Exit, Stuttering and Nebula. Group Show curated by Kaspars Groshevs. Kim? Contemporary, Riga.

August 2015. SunScreen. Screening, Westminster Waste, London.

July 2015. Cookie Gate. Group Show, Ellis King. Dublin, Irl.

July 2015 - FATM 2015. Performance co-curated by Tracy Hanna and Emer Lynch. Dublin, Irl.

April 2015- The Conch, South London Gallery. Performance and discussion with Linda Stupart, London

April 2015 - Wilderness, Group show. New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen

March 2015 - 'The Hyperlinks or it didn't happen' Screenings at CAC. Vilnius. Lithuania

February 2015 - Primal Architecture, Roadkill. Group show, Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Feb 2015 - PLASTIK Moving Image Festival 2015 in association with LUX, IFI AND TBG+Studios. IFI, Dublin. Ireland

October 2014 - Project Visible. Tate Modern, Schools and Learning. London

September 2014 - Long Weekends. Group Show. Openspace Bae, Busan, South Korea

May 2014 - LOCOMOTION Artists Moving Image Festival. Screening at Store, London

March 2014 - Science Fiction : New Death. Group Show. Fact, Liverpool

March 2014 - Proxy Special. Group Show. Platform Arts, Belfast

September 2013 - ((0)) Group Show organized by Lee Welsh and Teresa Gillespie. Dublin

July 2013 - Let Thoughts Wash Over Me (like a stream) - Publication launch, South London Gallery

April 2013 - Eoghan Ryan and Ian White live! and In Conversation. South London Gallery, London

March 2013 - Oh wicked flesh! Solo show. South London Gallery. London

Awards and Residencies

Visual Arts Bursary 2016/17. Arts Council Ireland

Inaugural Critical Forum Award 2015. PLASTIK Moving Image Festival in association with LUX, IFI AND TBG+Studios

Artists International Development Fund 2014 with the British Council and Arts Council England

Nina Steward Award and residency 2012 with South London Gallery and SPACE

March 2015 - Rupert, Vilnius

April 2015 - Statens Vaerksteder for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark

plural melts is an intermittent programme of events currently taking place at Yvonne Lambert Berlin throughout 2016 Organised with Zuzanna Ratajczyk.

September 20 -Young Boy Dancing Group

January 21 – February 26 2017 »Household Values« featuring works by Cindie Cheung, Beth Collar, Michael Fitzgerald, Sam Keogh, Alex Rathbone, Tai Shani and Rita Vitorell.

June 2016 - »Beatrice Loft Schulz and Joseph Noonan-Ganley«

Febuary 2016 - »Dunmore Caves« documentation

Dec 2016 - »Afternoon« documentation


Goldsmiths MFA 2010 -2012

NCAD BFA Painting 2010 -2012